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Retail Partners

As consumer demand for health & beauty products grows, so too do the number of brands vying for retail space. With such a crowded landscape, every new product needs help to get noticed.

We have developed very strong relationships with major retailers across the UK. We are an exclusive Top 50 supplier to Boots and a partner on their Beauty Finds and Health Discoveries programme. We are also a Top 3 Beauty Supplier to online leader Amazon UK.

This privileged status with two of the most important health & beauty retailers in the UK reflects our respected reputation in the industry and our far-reaching capability to create a major presence for new brands both on the high street and online.

Media Partners

We understand the importance of a multi-channel integrated marketing campaign to build momentum and ‘join up the dots’ between product, brand, retailer and consumer.

We have developed strong relationships with some of the most successful PR and media agencies in our field. All our partners have strong track records within the health & beauty industry and know exactly how to get your target consumer excited about your brand – not only increasing sales, but also adding weight to any retailer negotiations.